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Olivegold is a family-run company, dedicated for the last 20 years to the commercialization of Single-Variety Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oils from the Spanish south region of Andalusia.

From the very beginning, supreme quality has prevailed for each and every one of our products; we pursue the obtention of the best oil from only the best olives, whose grinding process is carried out at the optimal moment in order to achieve every year the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Our Oils are 100% natural, and have an unmistakable taste and scent.

The fact that our oils come from centenarian olive groves in the regions of Jaen, Cordoba and Granada, is precisely the determining factor that give them that unique and differentiated taste. We are convinced our Olive Oils provide our bodies with essential nutrients and its regular consumption is over healthy; it is because of this that we invite you to indulge yourself in trying our exclusive varieties.

Picual, Coupage and Premium Cosecha Temprana (early harvest), are three of the options we have to offer and you won’t remain indifferent once you have tasted them. Our Olive Oils are present throughout the globe; this makes the brand “Spain” the first option when looking for quality and excellence.

CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

In Olivegold we strive to achieve equality of opportunities from an early childhood; for this, we partner directly with different Spanish NGOs’ and associations’ social projects that fight against inequality. This we achieve by designating part of our profits to these projects.

Our goal is for the reinsertion of infant and youth population, so they aim towards a better, brighter future with optimism and happiness. Our main premise upon starting our project was to face in an effective way all problems related to the adaptation of families with children at risk of social exclusion. Olivegold partners with associations that work on behalf of children’s cause and social development. We also work with NGOs such as Guaguacuna which works hard within the region of Otavalo in Ecuador, to bring hope and equality to those most in need.

Our Clients Our Guarantee

Quality and Glamour. Magnificent, 10 out of 10

Carmen Rodríguez AugustínClient

Excellent Oil. I was pleasantly surprised upon trying the PICUAL and COUPAGE varieties. Highly recommended regarding quality/price.

Óscar Ferrero PozoClient

What a delightful Olive Oil, You ought to try it! Excellent quality and a very good price.

Roberto GarcíaClient