Olive Oil’s history goes back to the years 4,000 and 3,000 BC, and is linked to the Mediterranean culture and agriculture. Together with the wine and bread, Olive Oil is a staple, and all three form the Mediterranean Trilogy. But the uses of Olive Oil go beyond culinary use, and it is used in medicine, cosmetics, etc.

Now-a-days the production of Olive Oil is mainly set in Mediterranean countries; this is why Spain, with its thousands of hectares and local varieties of olive trees, is in greater advantage over the rest. In Olivegold we take special care for the quality and superiority of our final product. This care starts with the treatment of the olive tree and subsequent harvest, up to its arrival to the oil mill, where only Extra Virgin Olive Oil is processed, this being the best option in single-variety gourmet.

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We have available special packages for gifts and treats within the Hospitality and Tourism sector. We personalize our products with name of the establishment.


Truly a delightful experience, full of quality, for clients who are gastronomy lovers. Our clients, who are professionals within the sector, value the quality of the Olive Oil both in the kitchen and on the table.

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Both national and international growth, together with the increasing demand for quality Olive Oli, has positioned us as national and international distributors.


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